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Disney Princesses as Prom Dresses

Disney Princesses as Prom Dresses

July 21, 2021

One of our favorite things about prom is that every girl gets a night to feel like a princess. You wear a gorgeous, sparkling dress and dance the night away with your friends. For most girls, having a night to be a princess has been a dream since childhood—after all, who didn’t have a favorite Disney princess growing up? If you’re looking for your perfect princess-like prom dress, look no further. Here’s our Ellie Wilde take on each Disney princess:





Cinderella’s iconic blue ball gown has inspired hundreds of gowns since it’s original debut in 1950. With so many different takes on the look, one thing remains consistent: it’s always pale blue, and it’s always a ball gown. We love this boho take on the dress—floral, garden-inspired applique covers the bodice, flowing into a gorgeous glitter tulle skirt to give it that classic Cinderella shimmer. 







Mulan may not be a princess you’d associate with an all-over glitter dress, but we think she’d make an exception for these gorgeous cherry blossoms—she seems to have a real soft spot for her family’s gorgeous, blooming garden. A soft lilac, this pastel purple makes the floral pattern stand out. Plus, this dress has a slit, meaning you can move easily in it—perfect for a girl like Mulan who’s constantly on the go. 







Who didn’t dream of wearing Belle’s gorgeous 18th century French ball gown? While we love the historically accurate ruffles and bows along her skirt, the drama of Versailles is not quite the right look for a 21st century prom—this sleek, simple A-line is a much more modern equivalent of Belle’s jaw-dropping yellow ball gown. Flowing and simple, the sleek satin will give you an all-over glow that will have all eyes on you.







For a laid-back, boho girl like Rapunzel, all-over florals are an obvious choice. This gorgeous, soft lilac gown is perfect for Rapunzel. Three-dimensional floral applique covers the dress, giving it a bohemian flair to match her iconic floral braid perfectly. Each flower shimmers subtly, with glitter and sequins hidden throughout the design to give it a magical, glittering look with every movement.







Just because Ariel ends her story as a human doesn’t mean she wouldn’t choose a mermaid silhouette for her prom dress! This gorgeous, two piece, mermaid-style prom dress is perfect for a former mermaid. Available in red and green, it’s got all of Ariel’s favorite colors. The off-the-shoulder top and all-over shimmer give this a mermaid-approved, effortlessly magical look you’ll love.



Sleeping Beauty




While we can’t promise this dress will change from pink to blue to green and back again (sorry—you’ll have to find three fairy godmothers on your own), we can say it’ll make you feel like Aurora on prom night. Embroidered lace covers the dress for a stunning, all-over floral look, with scattered rhinestones throughout giving it a magical shimmer every time you move, perfect for your princess moment. 







Alright, we know—Merida probably wouldn’t go to prom at all, skipping the event entirely. But if she did, this is what she’d wear: a simple, elegant emerald green with an effortless all-over shimmer that catches the light perfectly. The sleeveless neckline and open slit make this a breathable, comfortable dress you can dance in all night—no need to rip your dress mid-way through the night to make yourself more comfortable!







For a princess so in tune with nature, it only makes sense to have a dramatic floral detail on the dress. The train attached to this gorgeous nude fit and flare creates a sheer, shimmering cascade of floral embroidery following behind you. The lightweight fabric gives this train the illusion of floating, for a perfect windswept look—something we know Pocahontas would love about this gown. 







The glamour of the 1920s truly makes Tiana’s fashion moments endless—so we know she’d love this Art Deco-inspired fit and flare. Gorgeous, linear beading and rhinestones combine to create a vintage, figure flattering pattern running down the length of the dress. Can’t you just see Tiana hosting everyone at her restaurant in this jaw-dropping, 1920s shimmering dream? 



Snow White




As the original Disney princess in 1937, naturally Snow White’s going to opt for something timeless and classic. This bright, apple red ball gown is perfect—simple and chic, the back opens into a menswear-inspired tuxedo collar (hello, 1930s menswear-for-women!) with a sheer, corset panel. The sheer panel in the back is balanced by the slit in the front, for the perfect classic-but-sultry ball gown.







As an island princess, Moana’s going to lean towards something lightweight, effortless, and beachy, just like this two piece, seafoam green mermaid dress. Swirling, subtle jacquard gives this beachy green an ocean-like wave effect, with touches of white lace along the edges giving the impression of a cresting wave. This boho, summer-y gown is perfect for beach lovers just like Moana. 







We haven’t been able to stop thinking about Elsa’s fabulous cape since the release of Frozen—dramatic, bold, and absolutely jaw-dropping, it’s a detail that gives the dress an ethereal sophistication, just like this deep blue mermaid gown. The sheer cape is detailed with delicate shimmer and dotted with floral blooms, creating a regal look fit for a queen. 







Jasmine is easily one of the trendiest princesses—hello, she was rocking crop tops a full 20 years before their surge in popularity! Jasmine’s trendy, fun approach to her fashion makes the one-shoulder neckline a perfect choice: unique, unexpected, and fun, this neckline is perfect for fashion-forward girls. Not to mention, this dress comes in Jasmine’s signature electric blue—add a pair of statement gold hoops, and it’s Jasmine’s classic look, elevated for prom.