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Dress Details We Are Loving This Year For Prom

March 15, 2022

We always find it difficult to avoid playing favorites with our dresses, but with every new release being even more gorgeous than the last, can you really blame us? Prom season is quickly approaching, which means it’s time for all of the latest trends to start making their debut on the dance floor! Here are some of our favorite dress details that we are loving this year for prom:

Three Dimensional Flowers




For girls after a dreamy prom look, dresses with three-dimensional flowers are the way to go. This added layer of texture looks particularly stunning on top of sheer mesh, playfully inviting touches of skin to show through your gown.



Bright Colors 




This year, neutrals move over as bright colors take center stage! Wearing lively, warm-toned hues will practically guarantee you a spotlight at prom.

Open Backs 




Prom dresses with open backs open a whole new world of design possibilities! From strappy, complex designs to sheer mesh with illusion appliqués, we can’t get enough of the blank canvas that this style’s skin exposé offers.



Allover Sequins 




If you’re a glamorous type of gal, prom dresses with allover sequins were designed just for you. This style is fit for a red carpet, so it will definitely keep you shimmering all night at prom.



High Slits 




We’re loving prom dresses with sky-high slits because they can elevate even the simplest of designs with a sultry touch of allure. As an added bonus, this style shines a spotlight on your prom heels!



Two Piece Dresses 




Flirty and youthful, two-piece prom dresses have taken over this season’s designs! This style is totally unique, and allows each piece to have complementary-yet-contrasting designs, such as different fabrics or colors.



Minimalist Gowns 




For a more sophisticated look, minimalist prom gowns stick to simple designs, smooth textures, and allow your natural beauty to be the star of the show.