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How To Take Care of Your Prom Dress To Ensure It Lasts A Long Time

November 10, 2021

Your prom dress is a garment you’ve been dreaming about for years, so it’s natural that you want to take care of it to wear again! You never know what may come up—from college formals to wedding invitations and even if you have a cousin or younger sister who wants to borrow your dress, it’s key to take proper care of your prom dress to ensure you can wear it more than once. 



First and foremost, store your gown in a garment bag when it’s hanging in your closet! This prevents any accidental snags on your other clothes, or any dust or moths eating away at the gown. This is especially important if your dress is beaded. 



Discovered a wrinkle on your dress? Generally, it’s a good idea to steam the dress rather than iron it if you’re taking care of the wrinkle at home, but we strongly recommend reading the label on your dress. Care instructions vary by fabric, and you don’t want to accidentally damage your dress. 



Gotten home from prom and noticed a stain on your dress? Don’t sweat it—this is bound to happen when you’re having fun! However, once the night is over, don’t save the stain for later. Try and take care of it as soon as possible so the stain doesn’t set in. We also recommend taking your dress to a dry cleaner to be professionally cleaned, so that you know all stains are being removed properly. 



One of the best ways to take care of your dress is to prevent as many issues as possible! For instance, if you’re planning on getting a spray tan, get it several days before the dance so that you don’t stain your dress with any rub-off from your spray tan. When putting your dress on, be careful to avoid your face—not just to protect your makeup, but to avoid any accidental makeup stains. Another easy tip? Consider your dress’s fabric when choosing jewelry to avoid snags!