Hues of Prom '22

May 24, 2022

From the entire team at Elie Wilde, we are ecstatic to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of our favorite time of year: prom season! This year, we’ve seen the rise of lively, colorful looks take over the fashion world by storm, and the dance floor at prom has proven to be no exception. Here are the gorgeous hues of prom 2022:








Flirty and feminine, pink is forever a fan favorite color for prom. A pink gown is the key to a playful prom look, and you’ll look breathtaking with a matching eyeshadow. 







Powerful and passionate, the energy that red brings to your prom look is truly unmatched. This color is perfect for girls looking for a bold, statement-making prom dress.








Confident and vibrant, orange represents all things bursting with excitement. If you’re looking for a totally unique look that tells the world you’re here to party, you’ve met your match with an orange prom gown. 







Cheerful and fresh, yellow exudes youthful radiance and sheer, simple happiness. Bask in the moment of your last highschool event with all the warm fuzzies you’ll get with a yellow prom dress.







Earthy and soothing, green brings a healing energy of growth, lovingly alluding to the start of a new life stage as highschool comes to an end. As an added bonus, green has color-correcting superpowers, and looks incredible on every skin tone!







Cool, calm, and collected, blue symbolizes all things peaceful and pleasurable. If your heart is set on a look that embodies your go-with-the-flow personality, a blue prom dress must be calling your name.







Regal and luxurious, purple adds an aura of extravagance to your prom look. If you’re dreaming of a grand entrance fit for a princess when you step foot on the dance floor, make it yours with a purple prom dress. 







Sophisticated and refined, black represents superior elegance. This timeless tone elevates any prom dress to the utmost formality, giving you a glamorous, red-carpet-ready look that’s sure to leave jaws on the floor.