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Quiz: Find Your Perfect Prom Dress

August 18, 2021

Finding the perfect prom dress to suit your unique style and make you stand out at prom can be tough—so we’re helping you out with this easy quiz. Just tally up your answers, and see which dress matches your personality!

Pick your favorite TV show:


A) Bridgerton

B) Euphoria

C) Outer Banks

D) The Bachelor

E) The Crown

Dream job?


A) Novelist

B) Engineer

C) Veterinarian

D) Journalist

E) Film Director

If you could plan your dream spring break, where would you go?


A) I’m heading for Greece to finally have my Mamma Mia moment!

B) Rio! I’m dying to go to Carnival. 

C) Hawaii. I’m spending the week relaxing, hiking, and scuba diving, admiring all the island has to offer. 

D) I’m going straight to Costa Rica—the rainforest looks too cool to pass up.

E) Paris! I’ve always dreamed of moving there. 

Your ideal Saturday is spent:


A) My friends and I go thrifting, then spend the afternoon having a picnic in the park. 

B) Going to my best friend’s play, then heading to the cast afterparty (that I planned!) with her afterwards. 

C) My friends and I are having a pool party, and everyone is coming. 

D) I go on a coffee shop date, then meet up with my friends afterwards to give them all the details. 

E) I’m performing lead in the school musical, and our Saturday show is completely sold out. 

My friends would describe me as _____.


A) kind

B) outgoing

C) girly

D) smart

E) artsy

What part of prom are you most excited about?


A) I can’t wait to wear a dreamy, princess-like dress and have a magical night with my friends. 

B) Definitely the social aspect—from dinner to the dance to the parties afterwards, I’m so excited to hang out with all my friends. 

C) My date! I’ve been dying to go out with them for months, prom is going to be so fun!

D) All of it! Mostly I’m just excited to have a fun memory with my friends we can all look back on once we leave for college. 

E) Any excuse to dress up makes me happy!

Who’s your style icon?


A) Taylor Swift

B) Dua Lipa

C) Paris Hilton

D) Zendaya

E) Audrey Hepburn

Mostly A’s




If you got mostly A’s, you’re the sweetheart of your friend group, so it only makes sense that you wear a princess-like prom dress. This stunning, light blue A-line will give you all the Cinderella vibes for prom night, making you stand out without overpowering any of your besties—which is exactly what you want. 

Mostly B’s




So, you’re the outgoing, life of the party of your friend group—but you’re also a little edgy, and you want something to reflect both of those aspects of your personality. This black sheath dress with subtle, rainbow sequins will shimmer and catch everyone’s eye, all with a unique, edgy flair you’ll be obsessed with. 

Mostly C’s




While you’re a laid-back, easygoing girl, you never shy away from a true fashion moment, so this stunning pink mermaid gown will fit everything you’re looking for. The flowers give it a bohemian-inspired elegance, while the gorgeous pink and bold silhouette ensure it’s a standout dress that’ll have everyone in awe. 

Mostly D’s




For mostly D’s, you’re looking for something simple that will still wow everyone at prom. This gorgeous, midnight blue twinkling gown gives us the perfect Speak Now-era Taylor Swift vibes, and we’re completely in love with this look for girls seeking bold simplicity. 

Mostly E’s




Hello, fashion icon! You’re looking for something that’ll stand out in its classic elegance. This black sheath will bring together everything you’re looking for: simple and chic, the illusion mesh in the back and sides gives it a fashion-forward touch while still maintaining the dress’s classic look.