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The Perfect Manicure for Your Prom Dress

July 08, 2021

Every year for prom, girls spend hours getting ready—from hair and makeup to finding the perfect shoes and accessories, the process of getting ready for prom is not a short one. Some steps—like your manicure—even happen in the week leading up to the dance, making it a true days-long process. The manicure gives you a polished look, making you look perfectly put together in your gorgeous prom dress. While a subtle detail, your nails can be the perfect touch to really compliment your dress the way you want, emphasizing your personal style and giving your dress a unique flair. Check out a few of our favorite manis for different styles to get you inspired for your own prom nails!





Nude (with a Twist!)



Nothing quite gives you that classic, timeless look like a nude manicure. It goes with everything and creates an instantly polished look. Even better, it’s easy to add a subtle touch of something fun—just check out the tiny dots adding a hint of color to this mani!


Tortoise Shell



Want to complement your dress with something classic, but still want unique nail art? Enter the tortoise shell mani. We’re in love with the layered, translucent look of this, and think it’s the perfect classic-but-fun mani for prom.








Looking for something truly dreamy and ethereal to go with your prom look? This gorgeously subtle, holographic starry look is perfect. Your nails will change color subtly with every wave of your hand, giving you a magical look.





The nature-inspired elegance of florals are perfect for your boho prom look. We’re obsessed with the sweet, pastel look of this blue nail covered in daisies. While daisies are great, you could shake it up and go for another flower to better suit your dress—the decision is up to you!








Soft and beautiful, the faded, relaxed look of these watercolor nails give you a bright pop of color while still looking laid-back and effortless. Perfect for artsy girls who want something fun, these watercolor nails will give you a tie-dye-esque detail.


Abstract Rainbow



If you want to add a pop of color to your dress, but can’t settle on one, why not have a full rainbow! This nail art features a swirling, abstract rainbow that interlaces from one nail to the next for a gorgeous pattern you won’t be able to stop looking at. 





Black French Tips



Classic with a twist, the black French tip gives you the perfect unexpected, edgy nail. The double band on the ring finger adds another pop of detail, making this the perfect non-traditional French mani for an edgy prom look.


Crystal Nails



Just because you’re opting for an edgy look doesn’t mean you can’t play with color—these crystal-inspired nails give all the edge in a soft pastel. The combination of a stiletto nail shape with the soft color really makes it pop.