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The Perfect Prom Dress for Your Zodiac Sign

August 04, 2021

For centuries, people have turned to the stars for answers, using astrology to decode personality types and gain a better understanding of ourselves. According to our ancestors, the 12 houses of the zodiac can give you defining personality traits, depending on your birth time. Whether you subscribe to this idea fully, or just like to check your daily horoscope for fun, we’re giving you a breakdown of which Ellie Wilde prom dress is perfect for each zodiac sign:





March 21 - April 19



As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries approaches life boldly, charging in headfirst towards every situation—so it’s only fitting that this fire sign wears something to make a statement at prom. This jaw-dropping, luminescent deep red mermaid dress will turn heads all night. With bold, sparkling floral details that shimmer with each movement, this dress exudes confidence. We particularly love the way the roses add a flame-like look to the dress, perfect for fiery Aries.




April 20 - May 20



Ruled by Venus, Tauruses appreciate beauty in their life, while their grounding earth element keeps them relaxed and laid-back. The perfect blend of relaxation and glamour, this one-shoulder, shimmering champagne prom dress gives Taurus the effortless elegance they crave. The one-shoulder cape flows behind, giving even more opportunity for the all-over sequin fabric to add a magical air to this dress.




May 21 - June 20



Gemini is represented by the image of celestial twins, showing their intrinsic duality. Outgoing and curious, you’ll want a dress as multifaceted as you are. This sheath dress features a mirrored, linear pattern to make Gemini shine—each half of the dress is a mirror image of the other, with the pattern in the front extending into a criss-cross, strappy back for a little plot twist when you turn around. Gotta keep everyone on their toes!




June 21 - July 22



Sensitive, compassionate, and intuitive, Cancer should wear a dress as ethereal as they are. We’re in love with the netted, rhinestone-dotted overlay on this pale blue dress. A similar pale, luminescent color to Cancer’s ruler, the Moon, this dress shines beautifully with every movement, casting off star-like sparkle. Simple from a distance with intricate detail up close just like you, you’ll love this gorgeous glittering prom dress—and so will everyone else.




July 23 - August 22



Leos are creative, natural leaders who never shy away from the spotlight. As a bold, celebrity-like fire sign, it’s only fitting you wear something that looks like it came straight from the red carpet. This jaw-dropping black fit and flare features a wraparound panel of illusion diamond weave, giving it a hint of sparkle and a sultry sophistication perfect for Leo. The train only adds to the red-carpet drama of this look, ensuring you’ll get compliments all night long.




August 23 - September 22



A perfectionist earth sign who values practicality, we think Virgos will love this understated, chic emerald sheath dress. A classic cut with subtle but striking details, the slit and open back give this dress a bold look without adding any complication. The shimmering, all-over sequin rhinestone pattern gives this dress a gorgeous, ever-changing glow that manages to look at once plain and intricate.




September 23 - October 22



Represented by the scales, Libra seeks balance in everything. Ruler Venus gives Libras a deep appreciation for art and beauty, so we think this stunning, pearlescent fit and flare gown will please Libra’s eye for fashion and craving for balance. Toeing the line between classic and modern perfectly, this dress gives a classic silhouette modern touches for a balanced look Libra will love. The open back, opalescent pearl color, and spaghetti straps all add an airy, light feeling we can’t get enough of.




October 23 - November 21



Passionate, intuitive, and calculating, Scorpios are never afraid to go after what they want. For a sign that loves to keep their cards to themselves, we’re in love with this gorgeous, deep navy sheath dress. Simple from the front, all the detail of this gown is focused on the back, where a bold, golden rhinestone-and-sequin pattern creates stunning detail that can only be seen as you walk away.




November 22 - December 21



Intellectual and adventurous, Sagittarius never shies away from a fashion risk—so why not opt for a unique, romantic train covered in floral applique overlaying the back of your dress? Extending from the base of the gown’s open back, the sheer train adds a sense of novelty to this gown. No one will expect this detail, but everyone will love it—just like a Sagittarius!




December 22 - January 19



A driven sign that loves success, you’re looking for a fashion statement to be a smashing success at prom, too. This bold, black and white ball gown with modern cutouts and a halter neckline fits the bill perfectly. You’ll make a splash at prom, and you get added practicality of pockets—everything you need, from your phone to your lipstick, can be carried around easily without the need for a purse.




January 20 - February 18



Free-spirited and rebellious, it only makes sense for Aquarius to wear something as unique as they are to prom. You’ll love the intricate, one-of-a-kind silver cracked ice that creates this trumpet gown. The shimmering look of the tulle ensure this dress never catches the light the same way twice, while everyone will be in awe of the swirling pattern created by the glittering cracked ice. Illusion panel on the sides add to the unexpected nature of this dress, subtle yet unique, just like Aquarius.




February 19 - March 20



The final sign of the zodiac, Pisces, is always swimming between fantasy and reality. Idealistic and dreamy, you’ll want a prom dress that is at once magical and stunning. Understated yet beautiful, this deep blue sheath dress is decorated with linear rhinestones that twinkle like stars each time you move. The ethereal twinkling of this gown is perfect for the zodiac’s most mystical sign, giving your prom the magical undertone you’re seeking.