Floral Prom Dresses

Show off your fun and flirty side with these floral prom dresses from Ellie Wilde! Featured in a variety of styles - two-piece, off-the-shoulder, maxi - you'll be able to show off the best of our floral prints in whatever way you want. Whether you decide on a bold red prom dress with exquisite floral details or a pastel-tone in pink, blue, or purple, you will look positively radiant in one of these floral prom dresses.


How to Style a Floral Prom Dress

For Bright Colored Prom Dresses:

  • Try pairing it with black or white accessories.
  • Or pair your prom dress with a perfectly matching shoe. For instance, if you have a bright red floral dress you can pair it with red shoes, but make sure it's the same red so it doesn't clash.


Styling a Multicolored Floral Prom Dress:

  • Try a bright shoe to pair with your flirty floral dress.
  • For multicolored dresses you have lots of room to get creative with colors!
  • Use solid colored shoes with your multicolored floral dress so you don't make it too busy.
  • Pair with simple, solid colored jewelry so that the dress's pattern takes the spotlight.


Styling a Prom Dress with Floral Lace Overlay:

  • Glossy accessories go well with textured dresses because the contrast makes textures pop.
  • Try on your prom dress with a pearl necklace or other smooth accessories.
  • For shoes, try a black or white glossy shoe.
  • You can also try nude sandals for more of a beachy prom vibe.


However you decide to style, be bold and let out your wilde side in these girly floral dresses from Ellie Wilde!