Corset Back Prom Dresses

If you’re looking for something extra special to really make your prom dress stand out, think about going for a dress that has details on the front and back. These corset prom dresses are gorgeous from every angle and will be sure to have you in awe. With careful details put into every inch of these dresses, you’ll be looking fabulous from all 360 degrees. 

Corset Back Prom Dresses by Ellie Wilde

A corset back on your prom dress will take your look to the next level. With an elevated sense of style and sophistication, these corset prom dresses are perfect for your special prom night. This touch can take any dress from drab to fab. Put on your dancing shoes and lace up your dress for a night you won’t forget in your unforgettable Ellie Wilde prom dress. 


Why choose a prom dress with a corset back?

These dresses are at the top of their class. They are particularly special because of their elegance and pure beauty. On top of being stunning, they are also functional! The lace up back allows you to wear your dresses to the fit of your choice. Lace it up tight or keep it loose for a look you feel most comfortable in. The corset feature will also keep your dress in place all night. With a dress that fits your right and will stay picture perfect all night long, looking your best isn’t something you’ll need to worry about. 


How to style a corset back dress

If you have your heart set on a certain dress style but you also want it to have a corset back, don’t stress! Ellie Wilde has corset back dresses for every girl, no matter your vibe. If you’re looking for something to show off your curves, go for a fitted gown like style EW120109. If you’re looking for something you can dance in, check out style EW120074. And if you’re really looking to dress to impress, a two piece dress Ellie Wilde dress like EW121002 might just be your dream dress.