Purple Prom Dresses

Act like you’re a queen for a night because why not. Whether you’re trying to achieve high elegance with a mermaid silhouette because, after all, you are the most mature one in your friend group or liven up the night with a two-piece prom dress since positive vibes are your thing, these prom dresses from Ellie Wilde feature a purple hue that will meet you halfway to whatever prom style you’re trying to flaunt. Elevate your natural beauty without trying too hard - browse purple prom dresses from Ellie Wilde below:

Purple Prom Dresses from Ellie Wilde 

We get it - you're a queen. So why don't you flaunt your regal attitude in one of these purple prom dresses from Ellie Wilde at your next prom, homecoming or formal event? From two piece styles to stand-out sequins to sexy v-necks, these purple prom dresses from Ellie Wilde will elevate you to the highest status with ease. 


The magic of purple prom dresses: 

There's a long history between purple dresses and powerful royalty. So take a note from the game-changing women of the past and show off what you got in one of these purple prom dresses from Ellie Wilde at your next formal event. With an aura of mysticism and magic woven into every look, our purple prom dresses feature flattering strapless necklines, princess-worthy ball gown silhouettes and flirty short skirts so that you can walk into prom 2020 wearing an awe-inspiring look. Trust us - wearing one of these purple prom dresses from Ellie Wilde will add to your allure and keep everyone guessing what your next move is. 


Different shades of purple will determine your vibe:

A light purple prom dress featuring lace and breezy fabrics will give off a whimsical vibe while a darker shade of purple adds a touch of sexy magnetism to your prom style. Light purple prom dresses are perfect for the gals who want a charming, girl-next door style that will make their high school sweetheart fall in love all over again as soon as they walk through the door. Dark purple prom dresses are for the chicks who don’t mind walking through life as a mystery because it keeps things interesting. Or you can go for a purple prom dress that balances the shade right in the middle with other hues like green, pink and yellow woven throughout the entire look - this is for the babes who don’t mind mixing up their style every now and then. 


Embrace your magic and empower your one-of-a-kind style in one of these purple prom dresses from Ellie Wilde.