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Stay and chill for a little bit. You're the effortlessly cool chick of your friend group, so you should definitely pick a prom dress style that reflects your easygoing vibe that everyone loves so much. Tulle prom dresses from Ellie Wilde feature pretty lace detailing and relaxed a-line silhouettes so that you don't have to put in too much work for your next prom, homecoming or formal event. Let your charming, go-with-the-flow attitude have a moment in one of these tulle prom dresses from Ellie Wilde.

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Tulle Prom Dresses from Ellie Wilde

With sand between your toes and wind in your hair - oh, jk, you're going to prom. Well, if you want to bring your breezy and beachy vibes with you, you totally can with one of these tulle prom dresses from Ellie Wilde. Naturally flowy and lightweight, tulle prom dresses are the perfect way to highlight your pretty and down-to-earth style without putting in too much effort. Make sure to give your hair some beachy waves and maybe even wear flats with your tulle prom dress because who really has time for high heels anyway?


Other fabrics that tulle prom dresses pair well with: 

The great thing about tulle prom dresses from Ellie Wilde is that they look even more beautiful when embroidered with floral lace or dazzling sequins. With embroidered floral lace, tulle prom dresses go from looking like your average prom dress to next level fairy princess vibes. If you want to really run with the fairy princess look, opt for an emerald green a-line tulle prom dress with floral lace so that you look like you just walked straight out of a fairytale forest. If you're wanting a silhouette that's a little more form-fitting, choose a fit and flare prom dress with sequin detailing and a tulle train to add some movement to your look. The sequin detailing on the tulle keeps you shining in every direction as you twirl all night long at your next prom, homecoming or formal event.


Our favorite tulle prom dress colors: 

Tulle prom dresses look especially good in pale pink because the fabric is really light and airy, accentuating the pastel color tone. Pink tulle prom dresses in ball gown silhouettes are a major princess style, so if you're wanting to live out your storybook dreams, you should definitely start there. Tulle is also a perfect fabric for a train on mermaid prom dresses because it moves really well since it's not stiff. A white mermaid prom dress with allover lace embroidery and a tulle train on the skirt is sure to be striking as you make an entrance. 


Things just come naturally to you - that's why one of these tulle prom dresses from Ellie Wilde will be a perfect fit for your next prom, homecoming or formal event.