Black Prom Dresses

It’s a mood. Not only are black prom dresses from Ellie Wilde incredibly flattering (show off those curves, babe!), but they also show everyone that you’re kind of too cool to care. For the chicks that want a little added color to their all-black style, go for a classic black mermaid prom dress with gold lace detailing so that you look like some sort of otherworldly goddess. If gold’s not your thing, opt for a black two-piece prom dress with uber-bright blue sequins because you don’t mind being the center of attention. It’s a classic color for a reason - browse black prom dresses from Ellie Wilde below:

Black Prom Dresses from Ellie Wilde

Let's be honest - every girl needs a few black dresses in their closet. The ultra-flattering color paired with our stunning silhouettes - from mermaid to two-piece - come together to create a prom look that will make everyone feel some type of way as you walk into your next event. 


A black prom dress is perfect for every style. Here's why: 

Is your style more on the sweet and cute side, but you've been thinking about browsing through some black prom dresses even though you might not think it suits your style? Rest assured, Ellie Wilde black prom dresses come in flirty silhouettes with dainty lace detailing so that you can keep your charming style and wear a figure-flattering color, all at the same time. But if you're an edgy, too-cool-to-care kind of girl, you'll find everything you've been searching for with these Ellie Wilde black prom dresses. From sexy silhouettes to plunging V-necks, black prom dresses from Ellie Wilde will give you the confidence to steal the show.


Where to wear one of these black dresses from Ellie Wilde: 

Black dresses from Ellie Wilde are the perfect match for any formal event. From prom to homecoming, a chic black dress from Ellie Wilde will highlight your stunning figure as you dance the night away under the spotlight.  


Carefree and cool is your game so stick to what you know in one of these black prom dresses from Ellie Wilde.