Sweetheart Prom Dresses

Channel that girl-next-door charm that everyone adores in one of these prom dresses from Ellie Wilde featuring sweetheart necklines. The classic heart-shaped neckline flatters your collarbone and looks especially good when paired with off the shoulder prom dresses. A little bit sexy, a little bit charming - sweetheart prom dresses from Ellie Wilde will make you an instant favorite at your next prom, homecoming or formal event. Browse sweetheart neckline prom dresses below: 

Sweetheart Prom Dresses from Ellie Wilde

Lover by Taylor Swift should be playing in the background as you try on one of these prom dresses with sweetheart necklines from Ellie Wilde. This charming curved neckline is a classic heartbreaker style when it comes to prom dresses. Accentuate your alluring charm in a pale pink prom dress with a sweetheart neckline and thin spaghetti straps. Loving the sweetheart neckline but want something on the edgier side? Go for an emerald green prom dress with a sexy thigh high slit and moody off the shoulder sleeves. Billie Eilish would be proud. Whether you're a T-Swift babe or Eilish icon, everyone will have a crush on you when you walk into your next prom, homecoming or formal event in one of these sweetheart prom dresses. 


Sleeve types that pair best with sweetheart prom dresses from Ellie Wilde:

We've already mentioned some of our favorites above. Off the shoulder sleeves paired with sweetheart necklines make for a sexy and moody prom dress style. You'll definitely want to be serving flirty looks if you choose a prom dress with those features. Sweetheart prom dresses also look stunning with spaghetti straps because it adds a delicate and lovely vibe to your already alluring personality. Or, you can throw everyone a curve ball with a strapless sweetheart prom dress. Strapless sweetheart prom dresses really make a baddie statement when the sweetheart neckline is low, like a plunging neckline.


How to style prom dresses with sweetheart necklines:

Sweetheart prom dresses will already make you look like an instant 10/10, so you really don't have to put that much effort into accessorizing if you don't want to. Go for some loose, curly waves for your hairstyle and keep your makeup on the more neutral side if you wanna show off your down-to-earth vibe. If that's not your thing, sweetheart prom dresses would also look great with a unique updo (maybe some intricate braiding?) and glamorous pearl earrings. If your sweetheart prom dress has a thigh high slit, you should definitely wear some strappy high heels so that your legs stay looking killer throughout the night.


You're a natural charmer - wear one of these sweetheart prom dresses from Ellie Wilde to your next prom, homecoming or formal event.